Before Looking for Love, Find it Within Yourself


By Asha Taylor

What is love? Most people would define it as a feeling of emotional attraction to another living being or thing, but what about self love? Self love is the ability to appreciate, acknowledge, and value oneself, as well as their own worth. Self love is concept lost to many, but serves as an important component of love. It can be immensely difficult to love others without loving yourself.

Maintaining a treasured relationship with yourself is of utmost importance to withhold self confidence and self worth. As human beings, we need self love to live our lives with significance. For each individual, self love allows for us to be satisfied with who we are through acceptance for ourselves.

In order to successfully love others, you must first love yourself.  Loving yourself is similar to falling in love with another person. You must be open to accepting your differences, what makes you unique, and embracing what makes you happy. Always celebrate yourself, and make your needs a priority. Self love is not conceited, but it is merely caring for yourself. This idea of self love helps us to enjoy life, and it builds character. The way we love ourselves teaches others how we are meant to be loved.

Often times, people tend to overlook self love because our insecurities manipulate us to believe love must come from others. As a society, it is prevalent that most look at others for acceptance or appreciation, yet really this confidence is intended to come from ourselves. No one ever said we needed anyone to feel appreciated. Self love is the ability to reassure ourselves that we have enough to offer.

Nonetheless, people still attempt to pursue love with others without obtaining a love for themselves. It’s evident that many people throughout the world struggle through problematic and broken relations due to their own inability to love themselves first. Although, it would be simpler to fix these relationships by being confident enough with ourselves in order to focus on issues that lie with others.

We must strive to care for ourselves and our happiness before aiming to improve the lives of others. We must focus on our desire and our needs before trying to appease the emotional needs of others. We must successfully develop an accepting relationship with ourselves before embarking on a romantic relationship with another. We must sustain self love within ourselves to ensure happiness.


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